Educational Consultants

Erika Troy

About Erika Troy Erika Troy is a veteran music educator and mother of two spunky, creative girls from the beautiful state of Maine, USA. She has experience teaching at the elementary, middle school and university level, with a focus on general music, elementary choral education and teaching composition to children. Erica has also presented on [...]

Lisa Phillips

About Lisa Phillips Lisa Phillips is a Step-Parent, Best-Selling-Author, Arts and Leadership Consultant, and Entrepreneur.  She is most known for her book, The Artistic Edge: 7 Skills Children Need to Succeed in an Increasingly Right Brain World. With the Foreword written by Raymond Aaron (New York Times bestselling author of Chicken Soup for the Parent’s [...]

Leah Rifkin

About Leah Rifkin Leah Rifkin began her directing and producing career in 2013 in the digital space and directed two seasons of Out Of Frame, an award-winning edutainment web series for kids. She has produced over 150 hours of content across platforms and genres which has earned hundreds of millions of views. Leah’s film directorial [...]

Ashley Garland-Budzik

About Ashley Garland-Budzik Ashley Garland-Budzik is a mom of 2 boys living just outside of Chicago. She spent much of her youth in the theater which led to a successful music career as a recording artist traveling the country as an opening act performing with many top 40 artists. As she entered the next phase [...]