Podcast: Unlocking The Best You

It’s time to create the best version of yourself. “Unlocking The Best You” is a podcast about becoming a better parent, educator, artist, entrepreneur and person by discussing strategies and tips to improve your life and become your best self. Join best-selling author, Lisa Phillips and Leah Rifkin, Director and Author, as they dive into a wide range of topics with some special guests.

In this episode, we discuss how to make sure we can be creative and get our kids and students to be creative during a tough time.

Why should people have multiple streams of income? In this episode, Lisa discusses strategies to begin creating multiple sources of income and how to manage them.

Do you feel like you have no time to get things done? Is your growing to-do list stressing you out? In this episode you’ll learn strategies to take back control over your day. You’ll also hear what Lisa learned from Oprah Winfrey’s boyfriend on the topic of time.

As a parent, you may have a lot of challenges that arise. In this episode we discuss the idea of the ‘perfect family’, handling the misbehavior of children, improving the communication between members of your family, and how all these things are connected to other areas of your life.

As a teacher and as a parent, ‘burnout’ is a real thing. Nowadays, kids are spending a lot more time at home, but life and school have to continue as ‘usual’. In this episode, music educator, Erica Troy, and I discuss strategies to avoid the extreme exhaustion and stress.

Success. It’s something that most people dream of but often never achieve the level of success that they desire. Why is that? What is it that successful people do, or don’t do, to get to where they are? Listen to discover some of those traits that you can implement to improve your results in life.

How do you keep students engaged in the lessons that you’re teaching? With everything going on, many kids are learning from home and have so many distractions. In this episode, music educator, Erica Troy, and I discuss creative strategies to use to keep students interested in their classes.

What are some strategies for lowering anxiety? The world is in a state of unknown and so many things are still up in the air. In this episode, psychotherapist, Lorna DiMeo, and I discuss the healing power of music and ways to stay calm in a stressful time.