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Being a parent is the most important job you will ever have. However, most parents never actually learn the tools and techniques to do it optimally. They adopt the traditions and values of how they were raised. Sometimes its effective and sometimes it is not.  Parenting can be challenging even during the good times, but there are many things that you can learn to make raising your child(ren) easier.

How do you know what parenting techniques work well? Effective parenting should bring positive results for everyone involved – parent and child. You should see noticeable improvements based on your child’s actions.

Parenting Programs

Common Parenting Challenges

  • How do you handle siblings that fight?
  • How do you navigate drugs and alcohol?
  • How do you create effective daily routines?
  • How do you minimize the challenges of the “teen” years?
  • How do you support your children with their school work?
  • How do you get children to cooperate and help around the house?

The parenting resources on this website will provide answers to these and many other common questions that parents face.

Good Parenting Techniques Should Result In...

  1. Improved Communications;
  2. Better relationships with everyone in the family; and
  3. All family members thriving and working towards their goals.

An important note to remember is that just because you seek out parenting support does not mean you are doing something wrong. Everyone needs help from time to time. It often can just take a different viewpoint from someone else to point you in the right direction to improving a challenging situation. This is applicable to parenting and anything else in life.

You’ve met someone (who has children), you fell in love, and you’ve decided to either get married or live together. You are now a step-parent! Congratulations, your new role just came with a bunch of challenges and lots of questions.

Effective step-parenting is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes work to build the kind of relationship you want to have with your step-children, but it is more than worth the effort! Step-parenting is a completely different “beast” to regular parenting because you are dealing with many more variables and obstacles right from the start.

As a step-mother of 3 children, Best-Selling Author, Lisa Phillips will personally attest to the fact that she had a ton of questions when she first started her step-parenting journey.

Some Common Step-Parenting Questions Are:

  • When will my step-kids say “I love you”?
  • How do I get my step-kids to listen to me?
  • Do I have to pay for things for the children?
  • How do I establish routines between two houses?
  • How do I get my step-kids to help around the house?
  • Will I have to deal with my step-children’s school teachers?
  • Will I ever get the lunch containers back from the other house?
  • Who will handle the kids when they misbehave?
  • When will it feel less awkward when I talk to my spouses’ ex?
  • What if we don’t agree on how parenting responsibilities get divided?

The questions are endless! Through this website I have decided to share all of my step-parenting secrets with you. I have gone through some very challenging moments, and I want to help others who may be experiencing similar issues. I have figured out all the answers to the common step-parenting questions listed above and I’m here to help you discover those answers for yourself.

Step-fathering has it’s own unique challenges. What decisions can you be a part of? How do you connect with your step-children’s own father? What happens if things get competitive?

I will be offering some unique viewpoints coming from a step-mother to all the step-fathering dads out there.

All step-parenting advice should be taken with a “grain of salt”. It has to make sense to you. You really need to evaluate for yourself if the advice works and brings improvement. Of course, if you don’t try it, you’ll never see a positive change. It definitely requires you to go beyond your comfort zone at times.

For the answers to all your step-parenting advice needs check out the blog, podcast, resources and courses.