Ashley Garland-Budzik

About Ashley Garland-Budzik

Ashley Garland-Budzik is a mom of 2 boys living just outside of Chicago. She spent much of her youth in the theater which led to a successful music career as a recording artist traveling the country as an opening act performing with many top 40 artists. As she entered the next phase of her life, Ashley and her husband created a successful business doing home renovations and launched their own real estate brokerage which became one of the top renovation brokerages in the area.

She started her motherhood journey as a working mom running their family business and made the jump to be a full time stay at home mom when her second son was born. When her boys were ready to start preschool, Ashley decided to homeschool, and it has taken her and the kids on the most beautiful family adventure together.

Homeschooling has allowed for freedom, flexibility and time to create incredible exploration through hands-on learning. Even more valuable, is the development of a strong beautiful relationships with her two sons.

Ashley has created so much joy and adventure in the non-traditional lifestyle of homeschool and she is passionate to share her journey and her wisdom with other mothers and fathers who are interested in doing the same. Through the arts, creative play and many other homeschool curriculum strategies, Ashley is excited to help other families take back their power and allow themselves to find the freedom to create life and educate their children on their own terms!